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Step 4: Submit the Data Use Request (DUR) Form

If you are joining an existing project with a DUR, you may skip this step and move on. If you intend to create a new project, you must follow along with this step to submit a DUR.

In order to get access to the N3C data investigators need to submit an online application called a Data Use Request or DUR. This guide outlines the steps for an investigator to submit a DUR for a new project or submit a DUR to join and existing project.

When you are ready to propose a project, complete and submit the data user request form within the NCATS N3C Data Enclave. We recommend researchers review the DUR (sample) to ensure that you are prepared to provide the requested information.

During this process, you will read and attest to the NCATS N3C Data Use Agreement (sample DUA) and the N3C Data User Code of Conduct. If requesting access to the limited dataset, you will need to upload their institution’s IRB determination letter.

IMPORTANT! Read the checklist before starting the Data Use Request (DUR) process

Overview of the DUR Process

  • Investigator submits a Data Use Request.
  • Data Access Committee (DAC) Reviews and Approves the research project
  • Investigators are given access to the analytics workbench

Drafting the DUR Application

All Research Projects Require:

  • Title
  • Project Description (must be COVID-19 Related)
  • Project Rationale

    The project rationale is used by the Data Access Committee, (DAC) to assess the level of data/data tier being requested (Limited Data Set (LDS), De-Identified (DeID), or Synthetic. You should describe the minimum necessary level of data needed to conduct research.

Data Level/Tier Requirements:

  • IRB Letter of Determination (LDS Only)

    If requesting access to the limited dataset, you must upload a PDF copy of your institution’s IRB determination letter for your project.

Filling out the DUR Form

  1. Fill out DUR Project Title, Description, and Rationale for request data tier. DUA Step 1

  2. Add the name of Collaborator/s to your project (optional). DUA Step 2

  3. Attest to DUA, Code of Conduct and Up to date training Security/HSP Upload Letter of Determination for local IRB if requesting LDS. DUA Step 3