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Training Resources

The collaborative has a diverse and growing list of training resources for new and experienced users alike. This includes public introductory & explanatory videos as well as guided tutorials & documentation for enclave users.

Orientation Lectures

These lectures serve as a good starting point for people looking to get involved in N3C research, providing a general overview of the collaborative and working in the Enclave.

Orientation lectures are hosted bi-weekly.

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Other Public Videos

Visit the National Center for Data to Health N3C Tutorials page for additional public information as well as links to the following videos:

Private Enclave Resources (Login Required)

Once logged in to the Enclave, click on ‘Training’ in the top right corner for more information & links about the following resources.

Training Portal

The Training Portal organizes training modules in topics ranging from OMOP to analyses, including video tutorials, live events and archival recordings, and links to other helpful resources.


The Academy feature (found under Help & Support in the lower-left navigation menu) provides interactive guided tours of the enclave. The tutorial Foundry 101, Navigation is especially helpful to understand dataset access, organization, and social features.


The Documentation page serves as a portal to many other resources for all levels of users. It contains a comprehensive catalog of guides, tutorials, and best practices in a variety of mediums, such as text and video.

Troubleshooting Center

The Troubleshooting Center contains fast-fixes for common questions raised when utilizing the encalve, including a troubleshooting checklist, FAQs, and links to relevant documentation.